Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Blogging Once More (Another Attempt)

      Ok, thanks to this Twitter post and I got the chance to stumble upon Blogger again and suddenly decided to post blah-blahs and some more!
     Thanks to this severely-stressful life I find chance to squeeze my brain for juice of thoughts.
     Thanks to http://www.soratemplates.com for this awesome template which best describes my blog coz I called it "The Pink Life". I had to remove the slider/header because I had no idea how to change the images showing up into my own artworks. If someone from Sora Templates reads this, please HELP me!
     The part where I could change '#' and 'image.jpg' wasn't taught on the mountains. I am techy but not too techy. This HTML is like bunch of robotic essay I can't understand. Please help.
     So, I am thinking of the very first item to post after June 14. The last post I created. I know I said I would be back as a blogger... and I am saying it again. :)