Saturday, April 3, 2010


Back To The Old Me

This is going to be my first blogpost after two years. I have been thinking what to write. I barely can think of anything…
I was surfing the net and was seeing different people who has been showing the scientific world what they feel through blogging. Like fishes trying to be noticed and waves trying to make impact.
As far as I remember, this is what I used to do… not long time ago.
Ever since my life became busy, I have started to forget doing some blogpost particularly when it comes to what I feel. Or maybe, I intentionally forget doing it.
Somehow, I have realized that I don’t need the whole world to know what I feel. I ain’t a pop idol. When I post what I feel, would the whole world care? Do they even know what I am going through? Do they even know who Jadey is? NO.
Then, I started telling myself that instead of being a blogger, why not express what I feel by sending general text-messages to my closest friends. In this way, I am sure that the people who read my emotions are the people who care for me – well, at least 90% of them.
I am not the sort of person who crave spotlight just to be noticed. Yes, it makes me delightful when people notice me, but I am used to the kind of life where only my family and closest friends are the dedicated followers. Besides, pleasing everybody is tough—what more when you want everybody to know what you feel.
But somewhere inside my corrupted mind is telling me that no matter how hard I stop myself from doing blogposts, it is in my deep nature to write… express what I feel… scream by means of pen and paper (now digital notebooks and keyboards).
Therefore, here I am again. Trying to capture the attention of those Homo sapiens who know how to read and navigate computers. Obviously, I am starting to be a blogger one moment more. And I hope coming back to the old hobby won’t be a waste of time…