Sunday, April 4, 2010


Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon.
I am still waiting for something GREAT to happen online. Everything seems to be the same every single day. All of those crazy shoutouts, people trying hard to be noticed, people acting like they are Class A bitches... and me, still the same old Facebooker waiting for something different.
Weeks ago, I met this guy online and I liked him the moment I looked into his eyes (in the picture). YES I AM GAY! And that is our difference. I mean his GAY but it seemed as though he doesn't want the world to know. Or let's just say, he doesn't want to know that the world knows he's gay. (That is the weird part because he actually has an account on
I started following his posts and putting some comments. I knew he liked it. Obviously he has been loving the SPOTLIGHT while he's standing on the stage where he could see people clapping, waving, screaming for him.
I am with the audience. I don't usually want to consider myself a follower especially of a person who ain't even a celebrtiy. But the thing is, I like him so much that I am so willing to be his FAN or to be called a FOLLOWER of him... translation into romantic side, I want to fall in love with him and I want him to fall for me--which is totally impossible.
He has this mysterious quality that I do not like. I mean, this is one of the traits that I do not like in a person. I know if you're playing mysterious, you are hiding something or it's hard for you to show who you really are. I do not like to waste my time figuring out the way to unfold your secrets. I ain't no CSI nor a crystal ball to unravel your mystery... but despite the fact that being MYSTERIOUS is one thing I do not like in a person, I STILL LIKE HIM.
But there is one big thing that turned me off... it's the fact that he doesn't want people to find out his GAY! That pissed me off a bit. I know that I should respect his decision to keep his IDENTITY as a secret but why the F does he have an account on a Gay SocialNetworking site? I mean, obviously, HE IS GAY!
I was just offended as a Gay Man for I know another Gay Man who can't be proud of his real-self. Why be GAY if he can't tell the public that he is one of us?
I was turned off because: First, he can't be real; Second, I want to fall in love with him and I want him be to be my boyfriend and I am going to be proud BIG TIME that we are BFs but HE DOES NOT LIKE people to know he's GAY. How can we tell the world how IN LOVE we are with each other if he will continue hiding.
I know it is totally impossible for us to be together like spoon and fork. That is why I am so thankful that I was turned off already by one thing I totally hate most in a person -- PRETENSE -- MY MAJOR TURN OFF!! NO matter how huge I am a fan of yours if you're fake, I wouldn't like you anymore... That's going to be the end of my admiration to you... But friendship? That's gon'be a different story. =)