Thursday, April 8, 2010


Excerpt from my book: The Puzzle Season 2

“No thanks, I’m with my friends and I don’t want leave them here,” said Brody after a man from that bar asked him to come home with him. Then the guy said “Okay” and headed off back to the dance floor.
Since he sat on that table alone and ordered bottles of strong beer, six guys had tried to ask him out and eleven had tried to dance with him.
He would never go out with anyone, or dance with anybody that night aside from the one who had been staring at him since eleven o’clock. He had no time to mingle with others because he honestly did like to break the ice with that one who he best called as “The New Prospect”.
He was bedazzled by that guy wearing a plain black shirt because when that guy stared at him, he was like facing a gay version of Kyle. And Kyle was one hot friend he had been dying to have sex with.
But on the other side of her heart, he didn’t want to have sex with the guy in black. He saw him as someone to put some flammable twists to his currently boring story. He had been waiting for someone to let him realize the feeling of being in love again.
Well, he was still in love with Art but his mind intelligently knew that loving him had been a total waste of time. Arthur may had been sweet to him, but he knew, candy melts and becomes liquid then becomes gas.
He didn’t feel excited anymore whenever Art would visit him at his house, or when he would give him present for the day, and the likes…
Since the New Year started, he had felt the strong urge to break up with Art—again. Even though Art made his Christmas of last year perfectly romantic, it was still not enough. After three days since they celebrated the New Year’s Day, Arthur did something to make the start of the New Year prosaic. Brody had his first worst day of the year.
The first had second, and then there was the third, and so on and so forth... He even had the most horrible Valentine’s Day of all times.
And tonight, all he wanted was to snag someone to talk with about his desperation—desperation to break in from a prison of pain and dissatisfaction. And if he was lucky enough, he wanted to meet up with someone to fall for, someone to help him cope from the unfortunate love-life fate had given him. He wanted to fall in love again, of course, with a new person.
Seeing his prospect dancing to the tune of Shining Star, he felt dazzling. He wanted to congregate every piece of courage so that he could dance with his prospect. What if it was him who the guy was fancying that night—so assuming!
Okay, he wanted to be the one to break the cold ice between them so he needed to drink more beers. He thought that consumption of huge percentage of alcohol would help him possess the guts to do what he had been desiring to do. So he would murder bottles of beers, but the spirit of them wouldn’t invade his blood that fast. He wanted to get drunk as soon as that very moment. He wanted to flirt with that guy. He wanted that guy to make him forget about Arthur!

Three tables away from Brody’s table was Ellisse who was talking to a straight-acting gay guy. She was amused to see that gay guy named Jorge was talking to her like he’s gonna win her heart.
Jorge was a bisexual male who was more attracted to girls than guys. Well, that’s what he told to Ellisse, and she didn’t believed him. She thought if he really was more attracted to the girls than to the guys then what the hell was he doing at a bar where 90 percent of the crowd were guys?
Ellisse just unwillingly came along with Brody and Miko because she was bored from hanging out with her girlfriends so she tried to deviate from the norm girls-night-out. And just in case her friends became wasted and crazy, there would be someone who’d bring the fags home.
She wasn’t easily hit by the power of any kind of alcoholic drinks, unlike Brody. She was the Queen of Liquor.
She found the place amusing. It was her first time here. She was loving to see guys kissing another guys. She was enjoying receiving smiles from gay guys. She was happily terrified by guys touching another guys’ package. She had seen couples of the same gender. These made her forgot her problem with Jax.
Jax, Jax, Jax. Her boyfriend had been making her nights sleepless since they became secret lovers. Only Brody and Miko knew about it, and she didn’t want to tell it to others at the moment.
What Brody told her was enough. Jax was like their little brother since they met him. She was so slutty to have sex with him. She was so bitchy to forget about Rose’s feelings—since Rose had a secret feeling for him. She was evil to forget that Jax was two years younger than she was.
What Miko told her was enough. She was selfish. She was mad and crazy. She was not thinking about what could happen when people discovered their relationship especially, Rose.
Enough of the painful words. She would keep it ‘til things become better.
That moment, she wasn’t completely listening to Nathan. She was thinking about Jax and the things that might happen when her other friends discovered about them.
She envied couples who have all the confidence to become public. Just like the couple at her back who was kissing as if they were the only people around.
She merrily compared straight guys with gay guys. She knew straights are better. She thought, for a moment, was falling in love with gay guys worth it? How would she know the feeling of being with a gay guy if she wouldn’t try.
“Eeewww…” she screamed.
Jorge was surprised. He did nothing or said nothing to make Ellisse utter the word. He was just telling her about how he finished his work for that day.
“What’s wrong? Did I say something?” Jorge curiously asked.
Ellisse went back to reality. She had half-forgotten that she was talking to Nathan.
“Oh, I’m sorry, bad air just intoxicated my mind,” she explained. “What were you saying…?”

On the dance floor was Miko. He was dancing as if that was his last dance. He was totally enjoying the feeling of moving his body with guys who were dancing with him. He was blissful to have guys who, he thought, liked him. He was so wild. He wanted to forget everything… especially Oliver. The guy who broke his heart.
“Straight guy sucks!” he shouted and he continuously danced and danced.
He was holding a glass of Margarita. Like Brody, he wanted to get drunk and cross path with someone to fall in love with. They chose to hang out where they were because they didn’t want to bump with more of straight guys anymore. Straight guys that make their lives hell… at the very least, their kind are greater lovers than straight ones.
Had it not been for Brody’s desperation that made them jump to that bar, he wouldn’t have been body-bumping himself with the cute hunk on his right and a beefy boy on his left.
He continuously swayed his hips, stepped his feet and bumped his body. He would never regret hanging out that night, and would never forget about that memorable fixture with the people around him.
The spirit of alcohol had eaten his sober mind. He was as wild as a lioness craving fresh meat of fat deer. He would dance with anyone he bumped with… even with the ugliest creature inside that very bar.
The dim surrounding illuminated by the green, red and blue laser lights blinded him. He didn’t care about the looks that time. Why fall in love with the looks and get hurt later by a inaudible yet resounding rejection?
Living his life waiting for Darwin to show up from nowhere was a mess. Living his life loving Oliver was a total disaster. One was someone who he promised to he would wait for. One was a straight who courted one of her girl friends that made him scream silently.
He had been in love for how many times already but still, no one would return his love back. He had been saddened by the fact that he was unlucky when it comes to his love life.
And that night, he wanted to prove for the last time whether he’s a total unfortunate or not.
He knew that the three of them went to that bar along with the huge amount of hope to find the difference they had been waiting for. Come what may, they would coerce the fate to give them the exact difference they wanted…