Friday, April 9, 2010


The Tenth-Floor-Gay Boy


“Ate, tell him I am taken,” he said to the female security guard I am considering as informal friend of mine. Maybe, he told those exact words to her and Ate, herself, passed the message to me… from then on I was as though buried under the deep part of the tenth floor (which was literally the ninth floor). I didn’t know why I had to feel that as the initial reaction towards something I should have ignored in the first place… but it was igniting deep within me!!!
Okay, let me tell you the whole story…
It was during the last weeks of my bumpy relationship with Dane when I started having a CRUSH on someone from the office. Those were the times when I started to envy sweet couples and started to desire for the sweetness comin’ from my boyfriend. You know when you are taken but you feel like you’re not anymore because sparks had gone…gone…gone… Or maybe was just taken for granted or something like that…
The story began on a hectic morning. I was using the Fire Exit (instead of the lift) to go down from the 10th floor (where my locker was located) to the 9th floor (where I needed to work) when I saw this guy coming up from the 9th floor (where his locker was located) to the 10th floor (where he needed to work). I felt as though I bumped with a devilish-looking angel. Yes, he looks so cute and captivating. He could be one of the gay-males you see on men’s magazines. I was running to tell my friends whom I saw. I thought this would just be another moment of finding a new crush in the building where I have been working. I thought, after 3 hours or so I would get over it.
I did not for when I went back to the 10th floor to check if someone texted me (people texted me), I saw him there, looking like my soon-to-be partner. I was daydreaming like young girls pretending to be Cinderella…except I was not a young girl. I was looking at another gay-guy who would be the center of the attraction at the clubs…and bars… and in the malls… another gay guy who could be the center of my world… BACKGROUND MUSIC STOPPED!!!!
I had to face reality. I was still taken. I was still in love. I would work it out with Dane. I would because I loved him. I was just a little entertained by that cute gay-guy on the 10th floor because he was NEW. I was just tired of the old faces of those gay-guys I had been seeing every single moment of my life as a Sutherlander....
But as the day went by, things with Dane had never been the same again like those first sparkling weeks… and the 10th floor guy had been invading my life and I didn’t know why.
It was as though Destiny, itself, wanted to say something like, “Hey, you Jadey… Meet 10th floor guy and I want you to see him everytime so that you can have a crush on him everyday until you fall in love and it’s going to be easier for you to move on since Dane would be breaking up with you…soon!!!”
Destiny never formally introduced me to the tenth floor guy so I had to like name him as the EBay guy since he’s from EBay and I was from AT&T. Dane did not break up with me. I broke up with him. It was not because of Ebay-guy but because everything had started to fall into pieces.
Days went by and I had been really addicted to the thought that I would see Ebay guy everyday and we’ll have something in the future. My office friends would always laugh at me whenever I tell them things like: I am so excited to see him, and that the Ebay guy was looking at me too… I was so supercilious. And I knew it was not right.
I would always look forward to see him in a day but I had not seen him for three weeks. Yes, that was too long. I didn’t know what happened but it was all of a sudden. I thought that I would just have to forget Ebay guy. It would always happen in real life… you would have a crush on someone and that would be the beginning and the end of the story… you would just have a crush… period…
It was Wednesday morning and I was about to log in for work. Like what I would always do before logging in, I would fix myself first so that I could look as stunning as I would ever be. I would have a quick moment inside the male washroom to freshen up, take a leak and all that. I was in the middle of putting small amount of powder on my face when HE, the Ebay guy get inside the washroom and I was like Oh-My-God!
Oooppsss… Don’t be green!!!
After three weeks!!! I was as though a fan trying hard to prolong my stay inside the washroom so that I could be with him for like 5 minutes more…. However, I didn’t want to be obvious. I needed to go out so that he wouldn’t think that I like him.
Little did I know, he was right after me and then I whispered something to the lady guard, “Ate, remember the one I have been telling you? The guy at my back is my crush, and the lady guard was like watching a romantic movie… she was almost wet!! Ha-ha! Just kidding.
The lady guard promised me that she would get his whole name for me. Well, I needed the whole name so that I could search for him on Facebook
Three hours after, I went back to the 10th floor and good thing was the lady-guard has the name… it is **v*n **l**r… Okay, it’s Alvin!!!
And she told me that Alvin told him that he was taken… and I got sad… so sad… after all of the excitement I had felt for him, I would only find out that he was owned by someone now. =(
Then I got online. I looked up for him on Facebook but never added him up. Saw that he had an online portfolio because he was into modeling. And I felt sad. That’s the only emotion I felt. I knew that it was weird to feel sad but that was just what I felt. This was inevitable.
I know I easily get attached to someone just by looking at him everyday. I know it is wrong but I am Jadey! This is how the way my life goes.
After 3 days, I found out that he’s a close friend to my friend and it has been a small world… All this time…
My friend is setting up a party wherein our other friends are going to be there and she told me that he would invite Alvin. Well, let’s see what will happen…
This is going to be one ecstatic summer memories!


  1. ai sayang naman..hmmmm goodluck na lng po..hehehehe

  2. Hahaha. What a convoluted scenario. I wish you luck. :-)

  3. aahh good luck Jadey! and thank you so much for your comment on my blog :)

  4. Sad to know we never became lovers. Not even friends. :) I am no longer part of the company.
    I have so many stories that I wanna share but maybe soon. :) Thanks guys! :)